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14th APBON Webseminar


  1. Welcome Remarks / Opening remarks
    APBON Secretariat - Biodiversity Center of Japan, APBON Co-chairs
  2. Introduction by Moderator
    Runi Sylvester Pungga (Sarawak Goverment・Forest Department Sarawak)
  3. Orchid Diversity and Conservation in Malaysia [PDF: 4.55 MB]
    Edward Entalai Besi (Universiti Putra Malaysia)
  4. Bako Buntal Bay: Important stopover and wintering site for migratory shorebirds [PDF: 3.5 MB]
    Batrisyia Teepol (Malaysian Nature Society)
  5. Malaysia’s Commitment in Safeguarding the National reasures through the adoption of Advance Technologies in Forest Resource Monitoring
    Affendi Suhaili (Forest Department Sarawak)
  6. Diversity & Distribution of Begonia L. (Begoniaceae) species in Sarawak, Borneo [PDF: 3.96 MB]
    Julia Sang (Forest Department Sarawak)
  7. Wrap-up & Closing
    Hiroyuki Muraoka (Gifu University)
  8. Short Presentation / Discussion
    The monitoring global guideline framework for biodiversity monitoring [PDF: 1.33 MB]
    Daniel Dalton (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences)
  9. Information on the APBON workshop / Test of on-line workshop tool