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What is APBON?

The Asia-Pacific Biodiversity Observation Network (APBON) is a network of institutions and research groups in AP region that contribute to and utilize a knowledge resource base for decision making and policy-making for the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems. It was launched in 2009, in response to the establishment of the Biodiversity Observation Network under the Group on Earth Observations in 2008.

APBON encourages inclusive activities and contributions such as observations, data, knowledge and capacity for regional cooperation. Members share the mission and core values of the network and acknowledge voluntary contributions each other.

Brief summary of its 10-year achievements and new strategies toward 2030 can be read below.

The Asia-Pacific Biodiversity Observation Network:10-year achievements and new strategies to 2030 [PDF:4,552KB]


News and Topics

[Up Coming Meetings]
14th APBON Workshop
Date: 1-2 February, 2023
Venue: Fukuoka, Japan (Hybrid Workshop)
Organizer:Ministry of the Environment (MOE) - Japan

[New Brochure]
New Asia-Pacific Biodiversity Observation Network (APBON) Brochure. [3.20MB]

[New Publication]
New paper on APBON's 10-year achievements and new strategies to 2030.

Download of the APBON Logo


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