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4th AP-BON Workshop

Thirty nine scientists from Japan and abroad participated, including guest speakers from international organizations, such as the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Global Biodiversity Information Facility and ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity. The participants discussed on Implementation Plan of AP-BON to evaluate and predict biodiversity in Asia-Pacific region, and data sharing and integration.


The work shop was organized in order to consider following two subjects;

  • Draft AP-BON Implementation Plan (version 2) for the assessment and projection of the status of biodiversity in the Asia Pacific Region;
  • Sharing and integration of biodiversity information.

Date and Venue

2-3 December 2011 at TKP Akasaka Twin Tower Conference Center


Participant list [PDF:217KB]


1. AP-BON Implementation Plan 2012-2015 [PDF:157KB]

A revised version of the Draft Implementation Plan will be developed reflecting discussions at the Workshop. It was noted that timeframe of AP-BON’s activities set out in the drat Implementation Plan should be flexible in view of the fact that work programme of IPBES is under formulation.

2. AP-BON Book

Contents and authors for the second volume of AP-BON book were almost agreed upon. In addition, an overall picture and direction were shared that the publication of five volumes of AP-BON book will present a Biodiversity Outlook of Asia Pacific Region. As for contents on marine, necessary preparation will be made towards its publication in the third volume.

3. Data Sharing

Contacts among researchers will be facilitated through metadata gathering and cataloguing, thereby giving scientists a strong incentive for data sharing. On the other hand, it was pointed out that information on restriction or condition for data sharing of each country would be necessary. Possibility of making an agreement among AP-BON related bodies and organizations for data sharing was also suggested.

4. Others

It was shared that AP-BON should recognize the importance of ecosystem services and expand its scope of assessment to include socioeconomic functions of biodiversity. In this context, importance of interdisciplinary cooperation especially with social science was pointed out.
Importance of collaboration between biodiversity researchers and climate change researchers on the change of forest ecosystem was also indicated. An example of such collaboration is input to policy makers through contribution by biodiversity information to MRV system of REDD-plus.
Establishing a small group to consider a motion concerning the enhancement of regional network through national BONs at IUCN’s fifth World Conservation Congress held in 2012 will be examined established.
Importance of expanding AP-BON’s cooperation with other observation networks was also emphasized.


Plenary (AM on December 2)
Opening Remarks
  • Mr. Tsunao Watanabe (Director-General, Nature Conservation Bureau, MOE-J)
Achievements and challenges of AP-BON : Tetsukazu Yahara (Kyushu University)
  • Dr. Tetsukazu Yahara (Kyushu University)
Assessment and Indicators of Biodiversity
Working Group (PM on December 2 and AM on December 3)
Dr. Tetsukazu Yahara (Kyushu University)
Dr. Hideharu Suzuki (Kagoshima University)
Dr. Eva Spehn (DIVERSITAS. Basel University)
Dr. Tadashi Kajita (Chiba University)
Dr. Noriaki Murakami (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Dr. Saw Leng Guan (Forest Research Institute Malaysia)
Dr. Eamonn O Tuama(GBIF Secretariat)
Dr. Vania Proenca (Centro de Biologia Ambiental, Lisbon University)
Dr. Chan-Ho Park (National Institute of Biological Resources, Korea)
Dr. Chau Chin Lin (Taiwan Forestry Research Institute)
Dr. Motomi Ito (The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Sheila Vergara (ASEAN Centre of Biodiversity)

Dr. Masahiro Aiba (Tohoku University)
Dr. Kimiko Okabe (Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute)
Dr. Rikie Suzuki (JAMSTEC)

Dr. Shin-ichi Nakano (Kyoto University)
Dr. Takehiko Fukushima (University of Tsukuba)
Dr. Futoshi Nakamura (Hokkaido University)
Dr. Dede Irving Hartoto (Research Center for Limnology-LIPI)
Dr. Xin Gao (Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Dr. Hiroyuki Yamamoto (JAMSTEC)

Plenary (PM on December 3)
a) Reports and proposals from working groups
WG1/WG2 (Gene/ Species): Dr. Tetsukazu Yahara (Kyushu University)
WG3 (Terrestrial Ecosystem) [PDF:2MB] : Dr. Tohru Nakashizuka (Tohoku University)
WG4 (Freshwater Ecosystem) [PDF:658KB] : Dr. Shin-ichi Nakano (Kyoto University)
WG5 (Marine Ecosystem) [PDF:167KB] : Dr. Hiroyuki Yamamoto (JAMSTEC)

b) Proposed Workshop at the 5th World Conservation Congress (WCC) to be held in Jeju, Korea in September 2012. [2MB]
Dr. Eun-Shik Kim, Kookmin University, Republic of Korea

c) Presentation and discussion on data sharing
Database and data sharing: Dr. Tetsukazu Yahara (Kyushu University)
The ASEAN Biodiversity Information Sharing Service [PDF:2MB] : Dr. Sheila G. Vergara (ACB)
d) Schedule in 2012 and beyond
Part composition of the AP-BON biodiversity book 1 [PDF:24KB]: Dr. Shin-ichi Nakano (Kyoto University)
e) Others
Integration by modeling spatial patterns and temporal trends of biodiversity: Dr. Tadashi Miyashita (The University of Tokyo)
Assessment of biodiversity on agricultural ecosystem [PDF:3MB] : Dr. Shori Yamamoto (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences)
International Symposium "Biodiversity in changing coastal waters of tropical and subtropical Asia" [PDF:2MB] (Click here for further details ) : Dr. Mutsunori Tokeshi (Kyushu University)


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