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11th AP-BON Workshop


    Day 1

  1. Opening remarks [PDF: 369KB]
    Eun-Shik Kim(Kookmin University)
  2. The State of Marine Ecosystem Observations in Malaysia [PDF: 7,973KB]
    Affendi Yang Amri (Malaysian Society of Marine Sciences)
  3. Biodiversity Monitoring in China [PDF: 18,278KB]
    Keping Ma(Chinese Academy of Sciences(IBCAS))
  4. Introduction to the Workshop [PDF: 2,842KB]
    Tetsukazu Yahara(Kyushu University)
  5. Asia Oceania Group on Earth Observations -Networking networks- [PDF: 6,277KB]
    Hiroyuki Muraoka(Gifu University)
  6. Updates from ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity [PDF: 2,862KB]
    Sheila Vergara(ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity)
  7. Introduction of next-generation biodiversity assessment using MIG-seq [PDF: 13,909KB]
    Yoshihisa Suyama(Tohoku University)
  8. Geneome scanning for non model forest species ~linking gap between genetic and phenotypic diversity~ [PDF: 3,446KB]
    Naoki Tani(Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Science )
  9. New Work Plan from 2019-2030 and beyond [PDF: 1,992KB]
    Yayoi Takeuchi(National Institute for Environmental Studies(NIES))
  10. Low-Trophic Level Organism Map for Asia-Pacific (LowTroMap) [PDF: 8,041KB]
    Shin Nagai(Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology(JAMSTEC) )
  11. Day 2

  12. Summary of the discussion of Freshwater group [PDF: 5,901KB]
    Yuichi Kano(Kyushu University)
  13. Summary of the discussion of Marine group [PDF: 1,044KB]
    Masahiro Nakaoka(Hokkaido University)
  14. Summary of the discussion of Terrestrial group [PDF: 671KB]
    Yayoi Takeuchi(National Institute for Environmental Studies(NIES))